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The Believers Megan Pickering

The Believers

Megan Pickering

122 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Believers are a group of kids summoned by a magical yak to defend the earth against the monsters that want to control it. In this first story, nine Believers, living in Tibet, search for the rumored tenth Believer, Jinzie, as they battle monsters to stay alive. Luckily, Believers have supernatural abilities, specific to each of them, such as melting into the shadows, understanding and speaking with animals, and being able to see the future through dreams. The Believers know, through Neptunes dreams, that they will have to climb Mt. Everest, find Jinzie, and engage in an epic battle with the monsters and their evil leader.Do Neptunes dreams actually foretell the future? Will they find a tenth Believer? Can they really defeat the monsters to save the world? Well, theres only one way to find out...