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Mail-Order Mate (Wanted: Spouse, #2) Louella Nelson

Mail-Order Mate (Wanted: Spouse, #2)

Louella Nelson

ISBN : 9780373301324
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 About the Book 

From best-selling author and award-winning writing instructor Louella Nelson, a tale of romance, deception, and danger in the wilds of Alaska — Mail-Order Mate.“Nelson is clearly a master storyteller.” –Blake Likins, Middletown, CT.“...Each chapter resonates with emotion. I couldnt wait to find out what happened next.” –Michele Khoury, Newport Beach, CA.In a desperate bid for happiness, Sue Ann Blackburn gets a grip on her courage and, in a new twist on a long-standing Alaskan tradition, places an ad for a mail-order husband. Tragedy has dealt her some heavy blows—including a bear attack when she was younger—yet she’s set her sights on a better future. Sure, she’s eager to watch Jerry’s expression tomorrow when he sees her for the first time, but Sue Ann is a worrier. Will the bear scars she keeps hidden make a difference? Will the secret she must keep from him, the reason she needs to marry quickly, ruin their last chance at love...or stake them to a happy marriage? Bottom line—because he was all about the bottom line—will he love her, flawed as she is?“If you like classic, well-crafted romance from a writer who knows how to let you into the hearts of two real characters, in a gorgeous setting no less, dont miss this one.” –Kristin James, Huntington Beach, CA.“Nelson is clearly a master storyteller, and her Sue Ann Blackburn is a beautifully drawn heroine. Id recommend this tale not only to those looking for a romance, but for those seeking a journey of self-discovery and insight. Nelson carries us through the highs and lows and doesnt disappoint.” –Blake Likins, Middletown, CT.