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Los poemas rumanos Paul Celan

Los poemas rumanos

Paul Celan

Published 2005
94 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Paul Celan was a poet of many layers, and until recently readers of English only could but imagine his power and complexity. Andrei Codrescu wrote of this book: Paul Celan . . . has become the raw material of so much critical processing, it has become difficult to read him without hearing the voices of the commentators. The continual buzzing of the interpretive chorus around Celans poetry has nearly added another layer of pain to work that is already written at the synapses of raw nerves. I say nearly, because happily there is Julian Semilian and Sanda Agalidi, who translate the poetry as if there are only two entities in the room: Psyche and Echo. Celan would have been proud to be thus refreshed.