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MRI of the Brain 1 William G. Bradley

MRI of the Brain 1

William G. Bradley

Published December 18th 2000
ISBN : 9780781725699
240 pages
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 About the Book 

Extensively revised and updated for their Second Editions, MRI of the Brain 1 and MRI of the Brain 2 are part of the popular Lippincott Williams & Wilkins MRI Teaching File Series. Each volume presents 100 actual case studies illustrated with high-resolution MR images. The images were obtained with state-of-the-art scanning techniques and selected on the basis of clinical utility.Each case is presented in an easy-to-follow format on a two-page spread. On the left-hand page are the images and the clinical history. On the right-hand page are concise descriptions of the radiographic findings, the diagnosis, and the pathology. This format is ideal for teaching readers how to interpret MR images or for everyday reference.The cases in MRI of the Brain 1, Second Edition cover flow phenomena, vascular abnormalities, hemorrhage, trauma, and more. MRI of the Brain 2, Second Edition includes hydrocephalus, infarction, and demyelinating disease. Together, these two volumes cover a wide array of diseases of the brain, including both non-neoplastic diseases and neoplasms.Praise for the previous edition:The text is presented in a way that simulates good clinical teaching at the view box....The format is clearly more effective than that of the usual atlas, and the book will be an excellent companion for the traditional neuroradiology textbooks.--American Journal of Neuroradiology