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The Sacrifice Adele Wiseman

The Sacrifice

Adele Wiseman

Published 1972
ISBN : 9780770502539
Mass Market Paperback
346 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a mature and moving record of human experience: of a father possessed by his hopes for his only son: of a son who rebels against his father’s ideals yet sacrifices himself to preserve what his father most prizes- and of a grandson who must learn to reconcile the flaws in his inheritance. The almost Biblical story is embodied in the lives of everyday people - Abraham the butcher, Isaac the tailor, Moses the music student. They are surrounded by a flesh-and-blood supporting cast, both comic and pathetic: the women they love, the loyal confidant, the local busybody, the people they work and worship with and fight with, who emerge as vivid individuals. It is a work of broad humanity, full of lively humor, without a grain of cynicism, completely genuine and touching. It received the Governor-General’s Award for Fiction in 1956.