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Bastial Sentinels (The Rhythm of Rivalry, #5) B.T. Narro

Bastial Sentinels (The Rhythm of Rivalry, #5)

B.T. Narro

Kindle Edition
417 pages
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 About the Book 

In this epic culmination of the series, Cleve returns to Greenedge in hopes of keeping the war from reaching his homeland. But he never expected what’s happened in his absence. The four kings have been killed by an emerging army, displacing Jek and the Takarys—Cleve’s only trusted allies. Desperate to find them, he turns to the very man responsible for their absence.Meanwhile, Jek faces the toughest challenge of his life when his king is murdered and he’s forced to flee the land he’s sworn to protect. Now with five armies at war, Jek struggles to understand who he should be fighting against, especially when his old friend Cleve is seen marching with known enemies. Whatever Jek decides, it had better be soon. The green fog of desmarls covers more of the continent each day. The man-eating monsters grow hungry, and their muscle far exceeds any of the five armies at war.