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Its A Silver Lining Bart Mahrer

Its A Silver Lining

Bart Mahrer

Published February 20th 2013
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 About the Book 

Have you ever blamed everybody but yourself for all of the negative circumstances in your life? Have you ever blamed God?We all have-and thats OK. Dont spend time dwelling on it and absolutely do not fall prey to the shame some will happily place on your shoulders. Take honest stock of yourself and of your life, and I guarantee you will find that youve been cared for all along! Its A Silver Lining is more than an inspirational book, it is about how to seek and discover the perfection and beauty in all events in our lives (especially the seemingly bad).Using his life as an example, the author walks the reader through joy, sadness, tragedy and betrayal and is able to assist everyone to see that even in the worst of times, the “seemingly bad” is always in our best interest, it is up to us how quickly we recognize it.It was finally through financial ruin and desperation that the author understood that we can control our thoughts and therefore, our happiness.You see, its not about the things that happen to us, its all about our reactions to those things. In this book, I will teach you to identify the difference.